How to Store Items in your Storage Unit

Packing, Moving, and Storing can be a lot of work... 

When it comes to storing your items, a little bit of thought and planning can go a long way. First things first you will need to decide what size of storage unit you will be needing and if all thing things you need to store will fit inside that unit. A manager at the storage facility or Size Guide Chart can help you determine what types of items will fit well in specific sized storage units. 

After you have decided which size of storage unit you will be getting, then it's time to get all your items together to store. Some best practices that we've seen over the years have been to make sure you have sufficient packing material such as bubble wrap, blankets, newspapers, boxes, tape, etc. 

 As you start to pack your items away be sure to label everything appropriately. This will help you in the long run when your ready to take all your items out of storage. When you arrive at the storage facility with your items, try think of a quick plan of how you want to store your items. Usually the heavier and bigger items will do better on the bottom and rear of the storage unit. As you stack your boxes and other items be sure to point your labels out so it's easier to quickly see what items are in what box. Also a great idea that may help you later is to try and keep a pathway to the rear of the storage unit, just in case you ever have to go back and find that one item that you need to find.

Finally remember to place a solid strong lock onto the unit!